Air Freight

Air Freight is a relatively expensive form of transport but offers many advantages however. Think of time sensitive products high valued products, goods for the solution of an emergency medical or scientific instruments…

Ocean Freight

If your goods or their delivery are not time sensitive or if the cost for air freight bears no relation to the price and piece we naturally offer you the opportunity of ocean freight. Ace Express works with all major shipping…

Project Cargo

Ace Express is a recognized specialist in this field possessing the necessary expertise and in-house systems to handle all kinds of Project Cargoes, including heavy-lifts. Shipment of multiscale tonnages requires…

Custom Brokerage

Ace Express provides customs brokerage services for all types of shipments. The requirements and regulations are constantly changing today, our experienced staff and connected customs brokerage team can…

Reverse Logistics

With increased manufacturing and movement of patented goods, it inevitable to move goods to the origin either for repair or recycling, this becomes very effective for manufacturing and also for end users…

Dangerous Good Handling

We provide exclusive services for shipping Hazardous and Dangerous goods to the customers, we provide solutions for all type of Hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals worldwide. We make sure that the services…


Ace Express services a diversified account base including manufacturers, distributors and retailers through its strong & strategic Network around the world.



Cargo Security

At Ace Express Logistics (P) Ltd. your cargo security is our first priority. With our wide range of services, we move your valuable cargo across the globe with complete safety and security.

Data Security

Not just through words, but, we are also dedicated to maintain the privacy of your data and are liable for total security of the same. It is our commitment towards every customer and their data. Security of data stored on It assets is critical, with an increase in electronic data exchanges to support interlinked value chains, data, security is becoming more significant, we, at Ace Express Logistics (P) Ltd. are committed towards safe data.

Code Of Conduct

When the field of conduct is concerned, Ace Express Logistics (P) Ltd. is committed to its customers and trading partners to comply by the ethics and legal standards under national and international laws.

Affiliations & Business Partners