Air Freight


Air Freight is a relatively expensive form of transport but offers many advantages however. Think of time sensitive products (either perishable or not), high valued products, goods for the solution of an emergency (machine parts for example), medical or scientific instruments and just-in-time deliveries (within 24/48/72 hours). Speed and safety are the highest priority with these shipments/deliveries, Competitive rates are self-evident apart from time limits. Ace Express totally meets these expectations. Therefore we count multinationals, as well as middle and small companies among in our clientele. Our experienced and skillful team will ensure that your freight is handled professionally between pickup and delivery. From the start we have concentrated on fast and safe air freight delivery via our worldwide partners, combining flexibility and an optimal transit time for every individual consignment.


  • The Fastest Method : Transporting your essentials through air transport is the only way to reach as soon as possible.
  • Services Available Any Time Anywhere : Shipping through air transport is facilitated at almost all places in the world. It strictly follows a timely schedule which promises a quick delivery of goods to any place.
  • Quick and Reliable : The most important factor is the safety aspect of your possessions when you transport for which, quick and reliable transport is what everyone prefers! That is very much possible through air transport.
  • Track Your Order : The greatest advantage of shipping through the air is that it gives the feature of tracking where your goods are!
  • Air Freight Services For Every Kind Of Shipment : we offer total solutions in sea-air, air-sea and air-air services, with consolidation on all major trade routes. We are fully equipped to handle charters for special projects, oversized cargo and dangerous goods. Each shipment is handled with care by our expert staff so that your goods reach you safely no matter what.
  • Save Money And Time With Our Multi-Modal Connection: We offer a winning combination of ocean freight economy and air freight speed, allowing you to take advantage of the speed of air freight and the cost effectiveness of ocean freight, so that you can make the most out of the combination. Our customers have benefited from our outstanding strength in air and ocean freight as well as our real-time visibility services at every step, from pick-up to delivery.